Empowerment Exchange: 9 Week Virtual Series

Women’s Empowerment is committed to empowering and supporting the women and children struggling in our community year-round, especially during times of crisis (not only our 12 week series). These empowering segments will address difficult situations which will help women in our community find hope and connections. We are taking a situation that would normally consume us with worry and turning it into a REAL conversation about REAL issues with REAL women! We need to stop worrying about WHAT we are going to do and start talking about HOW we are going to get through this. The answer is simple – together! Confidence through Community!

Join us each Thursday night at 7:00pm CST LIVE on our Women’s Empowerment Series facebook page! Videos will be posted on the website after each event. Every week local women will take over our Facebook Page by speaking on a topic that is important to them and moderating the page with inspiration and discussion throughout the rest of the week. Find the inspiration, empowerment and sisterhood in a community…well nation, that is hurting. Each week we will also be giving away an item donated by a community member or local business. For all of those who watch, comment and share you will be put in the drawing! Each winner will be posted on our facebook page the day after each talk.

Arletta Allen – Stay Strong Through the Storm
A motivational speaker, Arletta will share a positive message about getting through this unknown storm and empowering women to stay positive.


Erin Flood – The Non-Pinterest Parent
All over social media we see the “Pinterest Perfect Parent” keeping their kids active, being the “new principal” and having complete control over their children, household and life. Erin will make it real, talking about the struggle and what you can do (realistically) to empower yourself and your family.
Erin will also discuss being active at home and create a challenge for parents and their kids.

Kari Ann Smith – Mental Wellness During a Crisis
What can you do to ensure that you are taking care of your mental and emotional health during this crisis? The discussion will include strategies for maintaining mental wellness during the crisis.

Maria Turner – Maintaining Calm in the Household
Spending so much time with family in close quarters is a recipe for conflict and craziness. Maria will give tips to maintain healthy relationships in your household while empowering you to also take care of yourself.
Resources for women who see warning signs/experience of abuse will also be shared.

Amber Kilawee – Relevant Resources
Amber will share various resources that are available during this time. She will structure it in a “Crisis Situation #1: _________ = Contact “this” resource” type of way. For example, “Crisis Situation #1: I need food in my house = Meals on Wheels is offering meals for $3”.

Kristi Schmitz – Discovering Empowerment: A WES Graduate’s Strategy
One of our Women’s Empowerment Series 2 graduates. Kristi will be speaking on the importance of finding empowerment through giving back. Kristi will also speak about additional resources that are available on a nationwide level.

Tamra Oman – Shift Your Perspective: Wellness Strategies
Things we can share with each other and how to navigate it. Bring in mindfulness and create strategies. Using resources and connecting we are not in this alone. What have you been given time to do? What are your hopes and dreams? Take time to do you! Now is the time.

Ashley Wendt – The Self-Confident Closet
Ashley will discuss how it’s important to still “dress up”, even if you have nowhere to go! Doing this can help you feel better about yourself and motivate you for the rest of the day.
Ashley will show women how to make use of the stylish items ALREADY in their closet to create new, trendy looks.

Jan Padron – Body, Mind and Soul
Strategies to keep moving. Tips and tricks to keep your body moving even when you don’t want to. Activities for the whole family. Simple changes for healthy eating. Little things you can do to stop snacking out of boredom.