“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

— W. E. B. Dubois

Women’s Empowerment Series has year-round programming that aims to support women in crisis, major life transition, or those seeking opportunities for personal growth. By developing self-sufficiency, an understanding of radical self-love, and connections to mentors and community resources, WES aims to ensure a sustainable and secure future for women and their families.

See what our graduates & volunteers are experiencing:


I had zero confidence and no plan before I joined the Women’s Empowerment Series. After the program, I got a decent paying job, left an abusive situation, and am raising my daughter alone. This is the first time I have been able to love myself.


Emily A.


I volunteer for the purpose of helping others. I started volunteering with the Department of Social Services to get experience as I want to become a Social Worker. I started volunteering for the series because of the basis of the whole program, of allowing women to feel empowered no matter their situation.


Taylor C.


I learned so many valuable and useful tools –– and have overcome a very crippling addiction, got the courage to go through with a divorce and lost the barriers that were holding me back – self-pity, self-centeredness, and depression. I am a MUCH better woman now and I CAN conquer ANYTHING. I turned the bad in my life into a positive and my mission is to happily help others overcome theirs!


Ali S.


This mission is very close to my heart. I have built my self up from poverty, addiction and incarceration while raising my daughter and want to help all women succeed.


Becky V.


We are all one big sisterhood


Carrie K.


I want to give back to the community. I believe in women empowering other women through friendship and sisterhood and have always wanted to make a change in the world; even if it’s as small as just one persons’ world.


Julianna S.

Mentor / Volunteer

Mini Classes

Ongoing education, personal growth and learning opportunities!

Kaitlyn Kenealy

Fond du Lac, WI

4 Weeks – Learning ways to positively cope and improve self care!

Check out her podcast focusing on Mental Health – Tea Time with the Psychos Podcast (buzzsprout.com)

Dr. Espen Klausen

PhD – Psychologist
Fond du lac, WI

Offering 2 sittings of this course!

Strategies and Tips for Managing Interpersonal Stress.

Dr. Espen Klausen – Licensed Psychologist and Speaker

Cindy Martinez
“WES” House Mom

Fond du lac, WI

Bereavement and Grief Support group! Small group face to face (6ft apart). Every other Tuesday night. 6-7:30pm

Sandy Syms

Credit Counselor
Oshkosh, WI

Budgeting Basics and Understanding your credit!

4 part series meeting every two weeks

Alicia Gehrig

Christine Ann Center
Oshkosh, WI

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